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About us

Who we are

NASEWEISS is a project of the Samariterstiftung, Ostalb-Werkstätten in Bopfingen. The organisation is run by the Samariterstiftung, a church foundation and member of the Diakonisches Werk Württemberg.
In the Ostalb workshops, recognised workshops for people with disabilities, 550 predominantly mentally and psychologically ill people work under the guidance of experienced master craftsmen. They create toys that are well thought out down to the last detail, of high quality and made with dedication. For our employees, the realisation of this project means more than just flawless work. It is a challenge that demands courage and motivation. An open and targeted exchange between all those involved drives the quality of the products, the optimisation of production and the development of the brand. The goal of our company is economic success. Because success is joie de vivre.

NASEWEISS is a registered trademark of the Samaritan Foundation.

Concept and design:

The toys have been on the market since February 2006.

What we do

We develop, produce and distribute high-quality toys that focus on the enjoyable discovery of basic cultural techniques, scientific phenomena or historical models of technology.
The toys make ideas comprehensible, make the principles used clear in a plausible way and thus encourage experimentation and further thinking. They promote an understanding of our technical culture.
This also means that the toys themselves are highly cultivated, aesthetically sophisticated and technically sophisticated. The aim of every development is to create a prototypical basic shape. Variation is left to the free forces of play.
Despite all the ambition, the fun factor should not be forgotten! This is reflected in the brand name NASEWEISS. It is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that young and old alike learn for life first and foremost with pleasure and humour.
The type of product design makes production suitable for employees at our workshops. Production and assembly can also be organised in a way that makes sense for people with limited abilities in order to promote the personality of each individual.

Our products

The toys are individually and functionally designed. What they all have in common is the use of basic design principles that have been reduced to the simplest of elements. The toggle fastener of the sundial, the adjustable clamping of the lens in the microscope holder, the spiral spring in the marble mouse, the leather cord fastener and stylus holder on the Roman writing tablet, etc.
The construction of the toys makes it easy for all creative minds to add to them, change them and use them to conduct completely new experiments.
One aspect of the product quality is the sophistication of simplicity. For example, the marbles fit inside the marble mouse, are visible from the outside without falling out, the shooting pin also forms the catch; and all this in a combination that is almost impossible to simplify.
Playing is not just about curiosity and ambition, the experience of aesthetic qualities is also fascinating. Whether the glass lens of the microscope is heavy, cool and sparkling or the wood of the musket is soft and warm in the hand, the use of traditional, pure materials is the down-to-earth contrast to the flashes of inspiration.
And they all seem to belong together. This is not only due to formal similarities, but above all to the commonality of their content, the respective game ideas: all toys touch in some way on fundamental achievements of mankind. They make ancient experiences possible again and bring cultural quantum leaps to life.
The packaging becomes a treasure chest. The toy itself or the results of adventurous experiments find a permanent place in it. Whether on the shop shelf or in the children’s room, they remain a stimulating eyecatcher.