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Shipping costs

Shipping costs: 7,90 EUR
Free shipping: from 69,00 EUR

shipping costs: 9,90 EUR

shipping costs: 14,90 EUR

Switzerland, Great Britain, Norway
Shipping costs: 19,90 EUR *

* Deliveries to non-EU countries are subject to additional customs duties, taxes and fees. Further information on customs duties can be found at and on import sales tax at and specifically for Switzerland at
The following applies specifically to Switzerland: items purchased from us are subject to import tax. However, this is only levied if the tax amount is at least CHF 5 (de minimis threshold). The current tax rates can be found on the website of the Federal Customs Administration FCA.
Postal remittance tax: As soon as the tax amount exceeds SFr 5.00, a dutiable consignment is created. In addition to the import duties, a processing fee is charged by Swiss Post, the so-called “postal remittance tax”. Since 1 October 2008, a fee of SFr 18.00 has been payable for simplified customs clearance for tax amounts up to SFr 500.00 and a fee of SFr 35.00 for ordinary customs clearance for tax amounts over SFr 500.00. This postage tax is also subject to VAT. It is generally charged per parcel.

Delivery times

Delivery time within Germany 5 working days.
Shipping to other countries depends on factors over which we have no control. We can therefore only assure you that we will always choose the fastest possible route.


Returns should be sent to the address:

Samariterstiftung Ostalb-Werkstätten
Roland Stelzenmüller
Bahnhofstraße 19
73441 Bopfingen

You bear the direct costs of returning the goods. If a defect is found for which we are responsible, we will refund the return costs.